-Secondary feed-back constant current control
-Self-adjustment for maximum current
-15 Weld schedules
-External schedule select
-Spot, twin head spot and seam welder compatibility
-3 Impulse weld schedules
-Up and down slope
-9 Steppers / Linear stepper
-2 Pressure valve output and 7 operations
-Current1,2,3 monitor with high/low monitor
-3 easy-to-operate counters to aid in systematic quality control and tipdressing schedules
-PC and RS485 network interface

PC and RS485 Network Interface

By using welding data logger(Fcom_V2.3) software, welding data can be collected from each SK54 controller at real time and the collected data can be stored by excel file at computer.

-One PC can be linked to maximum 32 units of SK54.
-Weld current data and schedule data can be requested to each of SK54, then the data can be seen and printed.
-Weld schedule can be changed by PC.
-When welding defects is occurred, event monitoring is available and time and weld current data can be checked easily at real time.
-Opto-Isolated RS485 card(optional) is installed inside of SK54.
-PC and SK54 is connected by 2 electric wires and the length is maximum 1.2 Km.
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