FORWEL was founded in 1989 and manufactures resistance welding controllers for spot, twin head spot, projection, butt and seam welders.
We strive to remain competitive in quality and meet customer’s expectations.
Our products are designed and manufactured to meet customer welding needs by providing the most effective and reliable solutions at competitive prices.
FORWEL is a brand name of “resistance welding controller” manufactured by ACE Electronics Co.
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Company Information
Company : ACE Electronics Co.
Business Registration Number : 617-08-62886
Postal code(zip-code) : 48548
Address : 34-10, Sinseon-ro 329beon-gil, Nam-gu, Busan, Korea
Phone : +82 51 6119345, +82 51 6119346
Fax : +82 050 6272580
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Business Hours
9 AM to 5 PM korean time monday through friday