-Synchronous Welding Controls
-Versatile, easy-to-operate, microcomputer controls
-10 Weld schedules
-2 Impulse weld schedules
-Up and Down Slope
-9999 Weld counter
-2 Pressure valve output
-2 Start input
-4 Operations
Spot, twin head spot, seam welder compatibility


ModelAK-23V, AK-23HAK-24V, AK-24H
Welding power220VAC and 380/440VAC
Control power100~240VAC
Indication7-segment LED Display
External input
(Dry contact or open collector)
Mode switch 1, Mode switch 2
Start 1, Start 2
Thermo switch
Pressure valve output
(250V 1.0A)
Valve 1, Valve 2
Relay contact output
Valve 1, Valve 2
Control voltage output
Weld end output
(250V 1.0A)
One short(0.3sec)
Weld currentControl methode : Phase control by thyristor
Control angle : 20~160
Maximum analyze : 0.1% to 140 (0.14)
Weld counter0~9999 counts
Program parametersSchedule0~9 schedules
Squeeze0~99 cycles
Up slope0~9 cycles
Weld 10~99 cycles
Cool 10~9 cycles
Weld 20~99 cycles
Down slope0~9 cycles
Cool 20~99 cycles
Current 10~99 cycles
Current 2
Memory retention10 years
Ambient temperature-10 to 55℃
Storage temperature-25 to 65℃
Ambient humidity35% to 85% RH
85mm(W)×260mm(H)×207mm(D) /
3.3"(W) x 10.2"(H) x 8.1"(D)
260mm(W)×85mm(H)×207mm(D) /
10.2"(W) x 3.3"(H) x 8.1"(D)
Weight1.3Kg (2.9Lb)1.3Kg (2.9Lb)
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